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I published an edition of 24 × 18", 500-piece Color Gradient Puzzles.

I designed a catalogue of photographs and writing by the artists Fatima Haider, Nazafarin Lotfi, and Sean Ward for Andrew Rafacz Gallery.

I worked with the artist Willy Smart to design and publish a book of 48 of his lectures entitled How to Listen to and Understand Fake Music. For more information, please visit the Fake Music website.

I produced a type specimen booklet on the occasion of the Comfort Station's Good ∆ Cheap ∆ Fast publishing workshop, an event hosted by Christopher Roeleveld on October 13, 2013.

I published a zine of thirty-one ink drawings that have passed through Apple's signature vectorizing feature in Mac OS X Lion. High-resolution versions of each drawing are available on Flickr.

I contributed a poster (pictured here, at center) to Erik Brandt's ongoing Ficciones Typografika project.

Chaz Bundick took six photographs of me emerging from Lake Michigan on July 19, 2013.

Sunrise Book/Sunset Book contains two books in one volume. The book's pages gradate from 100% black to 100% white over fifty spreads in a halftone pattern that lightens at a 2% interval. The book is meant to be read one way, turned upside-down, read the other way, turned upside-down again, and repeated for as long as the reader wishes.

I pressed my hands into a blue stamp pad and then assembled twenty perfect-bound zines. The only contents within each book are the prints left behind by my fingers.

Archive as Shrine is a story told in nine illustrations about a civilization that keeps all of its cultural objects in one public building. High-resolution versions of each illustration are available on Flickr. Michael Savona designed the cover and titles.